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Refinance Cash-Out

5 Property Collateralization
Frazier Park (Los Angeles, CA)

Investment -------- 1st Trust Deed
Loan Amount -------$270,000
Appraised Value --- $905,000
Loan-to-Value ------30%
Protective Equity -- $635,000
Investor Yield ------12%
Property ----___----Commercial
Occupancy -----__--Investment
Term -----_______--2 year interest only

BPO 1/25/2011 Fire Sale Value As-Is
Fund directly into insuring Title Company.
Your vesting on note and deed of trust.

Strong credit score: FICO 760.
Our borrower is refinancing a note that is due.
Per BPO: This property offers 5 parcels: Restaurant, Hotel,
Motel, Rental House, Water District building (long term
tenant) and adjacent land.

Available as multi-beneficiary (partial interest portions) or
whole-note purchase (own entire note).

Examples of scheduled Investor returns:
$50,000 partial interest - scheduled monthly income: $500
$100,000 partial interest - scheduled monthly income: $1,000
$260,000 whole note - scheduled monthly income: $2,600