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Luxury Beach Home
Corona Del Mar (Orange County, CA)

Investment -------- 1st Trust Deed
Loan Amount -------$6,000,00
Appraised Value --- $10,250,000
Loan-to-Value ------58%
Protective Equity -- $4,250,000
Investor Yield ------14%
Property ----___----SFR - Trophy Home
Occupancy -----__-- Non-Owner
Term -----_______--2 year interest only

1)Fund directly into insuring Title Company
Your vesting on note and deed of trust

Foreclosure bailout.

Gorgeous trophy home property offering sweeping views
of Pacific Ocean. Nicholas Cage was (foreclosed) neighbor!

Our borrower has owned property since 1975 and is
attempting to bring all liens current. Property on market
and needs 1 year to get best price.

Per Appraiser: Lot is 16,800 sq. ft. with 4 bedrooms,
3 baths. The subject is 2.75 lots.

Available as multi-beneficiary (partial interest portions) or
whole-note purchase (own entire note).

Examples of scheduled Investor returns:
$2,000,000 partial interest - scheduled monthly income: $23,333
$4,000,000 partial interest - scheduled monthly income: $46,666
$6,000,000 whole note - scheduled monthly income: $70,000