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Refinance Cash Out

Multi-Tenant Retail
3336-3140 Mission St. San Francisco, CA

Investment -------- 1st Trust Deed
Loan Amount -------$1,250,000
Appraised Value --- $2,750,000
Loan-to-Value ------45%
Protective Equity -- $1,500,000
Investor Yield ------11.5%
Property ----___----Commercial
Occupancy -----__-- Non-owner
Term -----_______--2 year

Fund directly into insuring Title Company
Your vesting on note and deed of trust


Monthly rental income: $15,200

Our borrower has been preliminarily approved for refinance cash-out. There is a current note of $200,000. The remaining proceeds of the cash‐out will go to purchase a Triplex on Van Ness Ave. that she is in contract to purchase. Our borrower owns $15.5MM worth of prime real estate in San Francisco, Burlingame and Hillsborough.

Borrower FICO: 778
Borrower Income: $23,212 monthly
Cross‐Collateralization: A 2nd TD on
2301 -2311 Fillmore St. San Francisco,
a ground floor restaurant and upstairs offices and appartments.
Protected equity is $1,500,000 on this property.